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Item Name Price

21 Egg Roll (1)

Wonton skin wrapped, chicken, celery carrot and cabbage, fried.

21 Vegetable Roll (1)

Cabbage, carrot ,celery wrapped with wonton skin very crispy.

22 Spring Roll (1) (Shrimp)

Wonton skin very crispy wrapped with shrimp, cabbage, carrot,celery and carrot.

23 Crispy Tofu

Lightly breaded and fried bean curd wth chef special sauce on the side.

25 Pan-Fried Dumpling (Kuo-Teh) (4)

Flour dough wrapped with ground pork inside, steamed then pan fried.

26 Puffy Fried Shrimp (4)

Lightly breaded shrimp and fried.

27 B.B.Q. Beef (4)

Marinated beef on a skewer.

28 Crab Rangoon (6)

nmitation crab, cream cheese in a shell fried. Sweet sour sauce on the side - $0.75 cents. (4 ozs) 

29 Po-Po Platter (for two)

Combination of appetizer 2 fried shrimp, 2 skewers of honey chicken ,4 cheese Rangoon,2 BBQbeef skewers and 2 of the shrimp roll.

2A Honey Chicken

Marinated Chicken on skewers.

2B Sesame Cold Noodles

Chilled egg noodles with brown sauce, bean sprout , peanut butter and top with sesame seeds.Spicy.

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