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81 Bean Curd (Hunan Style)

Lightly fried bean curd, assorted vegetables in black bean sauce , soy a kick of spice to it.Spicy.

81 Bean Curd (Home Style)

Lightly fried bean curd, mixed vegetables in brown sauce.Spicy.

82 Ma Po Bean Curd

Diced tofu, spicy sauce with peas,carrots and mushrooms.Spicy.

83 Vegetarian Delight

Assorted vegetables stired fried. Asked for white sauce or brown sauce or Szechuan sauce(tangy and spicy)

85 Szechuan Broccoli

Lots of broccoli in Szechuan sauce and some carrots and mushrooms.Spicy.

86 Pepper salt bean Curd

Fried bean curd, crispy, sautéed with green peppers and onions.Spicy.

88 Green Double

Broccoli, snow pea pod, waterchesnuts in white sauce.

89 Sauteed Bean Sprouts

Fresh bean sprouts stired fried with some carrots, green onions, and hot peppers.Spicy.

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